Making a difference

DROIA is a venture investor, exclusively focused on the development of oncology therapies. We are dedicated to making a difference in the fight against cancer. We have adopted a unique investment model to accelerate development in our portfolio companies, the DROIACs. We aim to bring promising therapies to patients faster, creating both patient benefit and shareholder value. Hence our name: Double Return On Investment, Accelerated: DROIA.DROIA was established in 2011. The holding is funded by European private investors, and operates from offices in Luxembourg and Brussels. We invest worldwide.

Breakthrough focus

DROIA makes select investments in early stage drug development companies with solid preclinical proof of concept. Our investment decisions are based on breakthrough potential as evidenced by strong research data. Our participations today include companies in immune-oncology and tumor metabolism; however we welcome any technology with great promise and constantly analyze new discoveries.

DROIA invests by participating in companies or by creating new ventures around promising technology (DROIACs). We want to support our companies at least up to clinical proof of concept, yet we have no deadlines to exit, in case remaining with a company can benefit further development of its therapies.

Getting it done

DROIA is a hands-on investor and actively participates in the development of the DROIACs and their therapies. We have an in-house expert team with experience in clinical oncology, drug development and entrepreneurship. We help the DROIACS by providing not just financial means, but also people and assistance on scientific, preclinical, clinical & CMC development, on IP & regulatory, on licensing, finance & transactions, on company building.

Our network of oncology leaders gives us access to top-level institutions and KOL’s around the world and allow our companies to benefit from a global knowledge base.

We firmly believe that our approach can improve and accelerate the development of the cancer therapies that will come out of today’s many exciting scientific findings.

Our Droiacs

PX Biosolutions

Droiac - PX Biosolutions

PX Biosolutions (Melbourne, Australia) develops DCtag, a nanoparticle based vaccine platform. DCtag induces T-cell mediated immune responses both in prophylactic and therapeutic settings in a broad range of human and animal diseases.

Tusk Therapeutics

Tusk Therapeutics

Tusk Therapeutics (Brussels, Belgium & San Francisco, California) is developing novel immune modulating therapeutics based on an in-depth understanding of NK cell biology. It is establishing a primary pipeline of antibodies to harness the innate immune system against cancer by amplifying ADCC through NK-cell stimulation.



NormOxys (Boston, Massachusetts) modulates the tumor microenvironment, enhancing the patient’s response to other therapies. NormOxys’ drug candidates reverse hypoxia and normalize vasculature around cancer cells, sensitizing tumors to immune therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Aura Biosciences

Droiac - Aura Biosciences

Aura Biosciences (Cambridge, Massachusetts) develops drugs using tumor targeted viral-like nanoparticles which can encapsulate a wide range of payloads. Aura has been granted Orphan Disease Designation by the FDA for the drug AU-011 for the treatment of Ocular Melanoma.


Droiac - Bioncotech

Bioncotech (Valencia, Spain) develops nanocomplexes of synthetic dsRNA that induce a powerful immune response and apoptosis in cancer cells. Bioncotech targets melanoma and develops rescue strategies for CPI refractory patients.


Luc Verhelst - Founder and Chairman of DROIA

Luc Verelst

Founder & Chairman

  • M.Sc. Bio-Engineering, University of Leuven
  • Founder / former owner of Verelst real estate group
  • Seasoned investor in small and big biotech, venture capital
  • Founder of the Anti Cancer Fund and the Verelst Uterine Cancer Fund

Bart Van Hooland - Managing Partner at DROIA

Bart Van Hooland *

Managing Partner

* representing XIA bvba

Janwillem Naesens - Partner at DROIA

Janwillem Naesens *


* representing Onko bvba


DROIA is currently recruiting for its investment and development team. The team scouts for new opportunities, evaluates companies and projects, manages the investment or exit process and works with the portfolio companies on their progress.

Team members work closely with the portfolio companies at management or board level, and play a hands-on role in all aspects of the drug development process.

DROIA is an entrepreneurial environment, where everyone is above all committed to making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Applicants should have relevant experience in biomedical science, drug development and / or life science investing.

Droia SA

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Droia NV

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